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A little something for the Queen



Wool on linen, Bayeux Tapestry stitch embroidery by Mariss Ghijs 2015

Last fall Amie Sparrow https://amiesparrow.wordpress.com/ asked me to collaborate with her on a gift for the then Princess, now Queen of Atantia Esa Kirkepatrike.  Amie asked if I would embroider a slip with Esa’s personal arms to be applied to a German Goller.  Here is the embroidered slip.  The piece is stitched in wool on linen using the Bayeux tapestry stitch.  The yellow wool/silk blend was had spun by Lady Juliana de Chanberrey (MKA Julie Stubbs) http://www.exhaliastudios.com/squirrel/author/exhalia/ and had dyed by Baroness Kaleeb al-Akhdar (MKA Patty Ellison)http://kaleeb.galtham.org/.  The white tummy fur in the lower left was provided by my supervisor Frankie. P1040224 - Copy (2)


3 thoughts on “A little something for the Queen

  1. It’s lovely. Very finely wrought.

  2. Really beautiful job!

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